Sunday, January 4, 2009

Embarking on this adventure

The more time I spend on etsy trying to promote my shop the more ideas I get about how, and where, to do it. So, here I am, posting my first blog entry. Maybe I should start out with my goals for this year in regard to jewelry making:

*create things throughout the year (so I don't get burnt out rushing for a show)
*take more pics and post items on etsy
*learn to make glass pendants
*make more things with polyclay (ya didn't know I did that, didya?)
*have a show before mother's day
*have a few shows earlier in the fall


  1. Way to GO Sue! You are doing a fabulous job.
    Love your setup with your etsy store on it tooooo!
    Have fun most of all!


  2. love your lil etsy shop too :D i gotta figure that out!!! you are well ahead of the game

  3. goals are good so i heard :)